Wednesday, November 20, 2013

School Refuses to Give Child to Father, then Arrests Him

Your children are not your own. They belong to the State. That is the message the government is sending parents across the U.S.
This week, Jim Howe, a father in T.N. was arrested for merely trying to pick up his child after school hours.

A few weeks ago, a father was arrested at the request of the school board for merely questioning the low standards of the controversial Common Core curriculum and exercising his 1st Amendment rights.
The media has been promoting the idea for a while now that children don’t belong to their parents. MSNBC host Melissa Harris-Perry said on her show, “we have to break through our private idea that kids belong to their parents or kids belong to their families.”

This totalitarian idea that children do not belong to their parents is not new. Karl Popper in his book, The Open Society and it’s Enemies, warned us that this kind of totalitarian thinking stems from Plato’s Republic. In Plato’s Republic, the State takes children away from their parents and raised in state-run foster homes supervised by the “elite Philosopher” class.
Parents are fighting back though.
Parents are fed up with all the controversies surrounding the public school system and are choosing to home school their children.
Dr. Susan Berry via, explains the exodus from public schools to home education. “As dissatisfaction with the U.S. public school system grows, apparently so has the appeal of homeschooling. Educational researchers, in fact, are expecting a surge in the number of students educated at home by their parents over the next ten years, as more parents reject public schools” said Berry.
According to Education News, since 1999, the number of children who are home schooled has increased by 75%.
With Common Core curriculum which teaches young children to use emotionally charged language to manipulate others, massive data collection including medical records that are now being breached by hackers, violence in schools, school officials preventing parents access to their own children, it is no wonder why parents in the U.S. have had enough of public education.
Source: Ben Swann


  1. They never read him his rights. They can hit legal battles on that alone. Not to mention the officer lied saying disorderly conduct. The gentleman barely raised his voice while the officer was becoming irate. If anyone should be hit for disorderly conduct it should be the officer.

    1. Well Jordan, an officer of the law who arrests someone does not legally have to read them their Miranda Right's unless they plan on questioning the alleged criminal for whatever reasons. Miranda Right's only fall into place unless you're taking someone into custody and plan on questioning them. If the officer feels there is enough probably cause, and the need to not ask questions, then the officer may arrest at will if (s)he pleases to.

  2. A cop high on his badge and low on IQ points. “I’m not going to stand here and argue with you” and just arrested him. Cop said that it’s state law yet they were asking a parent to sign a release form –lmao wtf?And he didn’t even read his rights lol- some lazy ass cop. However I disagree with this article in regards to public education. Maybe in TN education is f’up if it’s filled with religious nonsense.

  3. While it is almost certain that parents care for their children's education, people who do not have children may feel very different. I believe that this is what Melissa Harris-Perry was referring to. She appears to be urging the community as a whole to take some responsibility for children's educations, implying that educational funding should not be cut, and the current system should be reformed. Unfortunately, This article's blatant contextomy grossly misinterprets Harris-Perry's point. The fallacy sadly undermines the argument that is being presented.

    That being said, this situation is ridiculous. The officer was obviously on a bit of a power trip. People like this should not be given power to begin with. Go Jim Howe! The current public education system is woefully inadequate. It is out-dated and underfunded. And it is situations like this that truly show it.

  4. The first video of the officer was an obvious infringement of basic rights. It shows that the sheriff was a bit redundant in knowledge as wisdom and dealt with the situation in a totally inappropriate manner. as for the second video it is not saying your kids belong to us it is saying that we all need to take responsibility for raising our children. 2 very different arguments.

  5. The writer needs to do some research regarding common core. It is far from "dumbed down". California had some of the most rigorous standards in the nation. Now with the adoption of common core, those standards became even more rigorous. Instead of teaching children to use emotionally charges language to manipulate others (something that this article does), they are taught to look for evidence that supports or disproves arguments. They are taught to reason and solve problems. I think that most people hate common core because they are afraid that their precious children will not be labeled "advanced" after taking the smarter balanced test. Is education perfect? No. Far from it, but the writer of this article is ignorant of the facts, or at least dishonest about them. This "Conscious News Media" page seems horribly disingenuous.